We develop Internet businesses.

We are a team specialized in designing and web development of Internet projects. We improve the way your company does business. E-commerce, web applications, blogs, corporate sites, small or medium projects. Our number one priority is to have a close relationship with our clients 


  • Analysis and project management
  • App development
  • E-Commerce
  • Web Design

“From BIFI we’ve tried to develop specific projects, communication, outreach, etc. At first, it was difficult for us to introduce in these fields. That was when SonicByte comes in, some years ago. For us it was a revelation.
SonicByte’s understood the world “out there. ” Besides, his ideas were fresh, innovative, different. His work with us was not at all confined to a proposed design, they easily understand our ideas, improving them in many cases, adding or modifying basic functionality. When we sharpen a project, or look for a different and attractive design, the collaboration with SonicByte is always necessary”

Alfonso Tarancón, Institute of Biocomputing and Physics of Complex Systems Director (BIFI)




Pablo Jimeno Pérez

A.k.a The boss

Project manager - Analysis - Development


Juan Pablo Vincent

A.k.a. Enric

Web Development


Rodrigo Manuel Noales

A.k.a none

Web Design - Multimedia